05 janvier 2007

Le jardin en automne

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tweetey29 a dit…

Beautiful. What time of year is it there now? I mean here in the US its winter. I have never seen real grape trees. Esp in someones back yard. Its amazing. It looks so peaceful really. Nothing like a friend of mine sent me a while back while he was doing lights for some movie or something he was working on. This is a wow sensation. I dont read french but the pix are just beautiful. Thanks for sharing with us until Helene can get home and share. A walk through another country at home is a nice way to get through the cold here. Looking at all those beautiful flowers and thinking springs only a few more weeks away. Well again thank you. Stop by anytime if you are curious about me. Tweets

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"First we will dream of our world as a garden, then we must learn to live there." Chez moi il y a le jardin et sa maison, l'homme de la maison et du jardin. deux enfants et leurs enfants eparpilles, la famille, les amis, les voyages, cela est bien dit Candide, maintenant, il faut cultiver notre jardin.